Jungle Boys (Complete Guide)

Jungle Boys stands as a highly respected collective of US growers in the cannabis world today. Their reputation is built upon a foundation of professionalism, extensive research, and an unwavering commitment to producing cannabis of exceptional quality. This success owes much to their partnership with Athena fertilizers, which contributes to their bountiful and superior harvests.

A hallmark of Jungle Boys‘ expertise lies in their specialization in cultivation using rock wool studs and the innovative Floraflex irrigation system. Their cultivation process is enhanced further by their choice of lighting solutions, consistently relying on the expertise of teams from Luxx Lighting, such as the 1000W DE and the new Luxx Lighting LED PRO 645. Pioneering techniques like Slurry Tech, in conjunction with products from Elite 91 Nutrients, further underscore their commitment to innovation.

Jungle Boys’ impact extends to the realm of genetics. Their seeds are prized by cultivators seeking the finest genetics for their own crops, a testament to Jungle Boys’ proficiency in genetic selection and breeding.

The founder of Jungle Boys, Iván, initiated this venture as a passion project. Starting his journey while concurrently working in construction and delivery sectors, Iván’s motivation arose from personal experiences. Witnessing his father’s struggle with stage IV cancer and the limitations of conventional treatments, Iván turned to cannabis as an alternative to enhance his father’s quality of life. Though cannabis couldn’t halt his father’s advanced cancer, it reignited Iván’s enthusiasm for cultivation.

Jungle Boys’ humble beginnings can be traced to a garage, a quintessential American narrative. With a couple of lighting fixtures, Iván embarked on what would evolve into a globally revered cultivation collective. The excellence of his product enabled swift sales, propelling the expansion of his operation from two lights to four, eight, and beyond, all while maintaining remarkable quality.

This emergence coincided with a community of accomplished growers, including figures like OG Raskal and Capulator, who convened in cultivation forums. These interactions fostered a camaraderie rooted in their shared devotion to the cannabis plant. This movement gave rise to a cadre of skilled growers who, in the face of legal challenges, championed cannabis cultivation professionally and sought the utmost quality.

Simultaneously, dispensaries flourished, creating an environment where Jungle Boys’ products could thrive. Collaborations with major dispensaries like the TLC Collective and Downtown Patient Group paved the way for Jungle Boys’ goods to reach a wider audience. The demand for Jungle Boys’ products skyrocketed due to their outstanding quality, potent effects, and the preservation of the plants’ original aromas.

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