An ice cream with all the properties and natural colour of mint

Mint has many fitness blessings, however in meals it’s frequently followed via artificial green colourings. Instead, Galatea has created a inexperienced mint ice cream in a completely herbal manner.

If we have been requested to describe the traits of mint, the first to return to mind might probably be that it’s refreshing. And the second one? Aromatic. This is mainly genuine if we think of mint in a beverage or in food. But what else? With their great greenness and remarkable scent, mint leaves no longer only deliver us pleasant sensations but additionally help our our bodies in lots of different methods.

Mint and its residences
When speaking approximately mint what is normally being cited is peppermint, which has the most powerful fragrance because of its higher menthol content material and is likewise the most common kind. Among the numerous blessings it boasts, mint can assist soothe itchy skin and improve terrible breath thanks to its cleaning residences. This medicinal plant additionally helps combat mucosal inflammations (performing as a decongestant and assisting our breathing device in case of coughs and colds), neuralgic pains inclusive of complications and rheumatic pains. Peppermint tea is also best for fighting nausea and enhancing digestion.

Aromatic and fresh, mint may be utilized in a ramification of recipes © Ingimage
Mint from Piedmont
Originating from the European continent, mint is grown all over the global and one of the maximum crucial productive regions is within the Italian location of Piedmont, centred across the village of Pancalieri between Turin and Pinerolo, where every summer season the air consists of an unmistakable fragrance. The leaves of Piedmont peppermint can be used fresh or dried, and the critical oil extracted from them is used to make liquids, liqueurs, goodies, desserts and ice cream. In this feel, we will monitor a curious fact: the essential oil acquired from mint isn’t inexperienced, but transparent. For this reason, in most instances synthetic colourings are utilized in meals manufacturing to replicate the plant’s natural inexperienced tint. While it’s real that during latest years there’s been a fashion reversal, with a return to herbal merchandise and the removal of many artificial materials, it’s also true that we like coloration because it tells us some thing about the food we’re consuming, influencing our choices round it.

Mint’s essential oil is obvious, not green © Ingimage
Galatea’s Piementina: clearly green
However, a person has gone the greater mile and managed to create a green colour in a natural way. Galatea, chief inside the sector of semi-finished products for artisanal ice creams which might be completely natural, made with superb substances and emulsifier-unfastened, has created the Menta Piementina paste. This is behind a completely herbal ice cream that allows us to enjoy the taste and odor of mint, but also its colour.

Spirulina algae
Piementina ice cream
Galatea’s Spirulì ice cream
Mint ice cream
Spirulina algae
Galatea’s Menta Piementina paste, crafted from critical oil of Piedmont mint, is created with out artificial colourings. This is in line with Galatea’s philosophy, which on the grounds that its founding close to Treviso in 2003 has meant except hydrogenated fats and GMOs from production. How? The green is acquired through mixing the colors from two vegetation: extracts of spirulina seaweed, which has a blue hue and from safflower, a perfumed plant this is yellow in colour.

Thanks to spirulina, Galatea’s mint ice cream gets its color certainly © Galatea
Mint and spirulina: a fresh, colorful and healthful ice cream
There’s not anything better than the fresh coolness and taste of ice cream on a hot day. Galatea has created one which isn’t only pretty revitalising, it’s also fine to the attention way to its natural colour as well as combining the useful homes of mint and spirulina, which the FAO has recognized as a “meals of the destiny”, critical in the combat against malnutrition. This microalgae, in reality, is considered a superfood because it’s wealthy in plant proteins and vital amino acids, in addition to minerals such as iron, magnesium and manganese. It also consists of B-complicated nutrients, nutrients A, C, D and E, in addition to pigments that improve our health consisting of beta-carotene and chlorophyll. Several studies have additionally shown that spirulina facilitates support the immune machine in addition to combat tiredness and fatigue. And, introduced to mint ice cream, it’s the suitable energy booster for a heat summer time day!

Translated via Patrick Bracelli

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